Kottayam-popularly known as land of letters, lakes and latex is a region which has a prominent position in the social and economic life of the people in the state of Kerala. Also a pioneering centre of modern education in Kerala, the city became India's first municipality to achieve over 90% literacy in 1989. The city of Kottayam is also called as "Akshara Nagari" which means the "city of letters" considering it's contribution to print media and literature. As per the 2001Govt of India census, Kottayam Urban Agglomeration had a population of 1,72,878, while Kottayam district had a population of 19,52,901. Kottayam District as per the 2001 census was ranked as the 1st in Literacy with a percentage of 95.9 compared to 90.92% for Kerala State and 65.38% for India. It is ranked as 10th in population as well as in area among the districts in Kerala.

 To deliver the educational predominance of this city we have a few examples.The first daily in the regional language Malayalam and the regional language daily with largest circulation in India are founded in this city. Kottayam is also the head quarters of many central and state government institutions.The city ,with its history spanning over several centuries has produced many legends in the social and economic life of the country.The vast area which comes under the Kottayam district has about 25 colleges and  numerous higher secondory schools. Included in this are the centuries old colleges in Kerala, viz the CMS college, Kottayam and the SB College, Changanacherry. Mahatma Gandhi university has its central campus at Kottayam.

The Kottayam branch of the SIRC of ICAI was established in the year 1982 with 13 members. The benefits of the branch activities extends to the members of Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Kottayam Districts of the state of Kerala.   The branch has its jurisdiction spread out into neighboring towns like Changanacherry,Thiruvalla,Pathanamthitta,Ranni,Pala,Kanjirapally, Ettumanoor and places adjoining these towns.

The Kottayam branch of SIRC of ICAI received active branch award in 1996 & 1999, Active SICASA branch award in 2000.